Find Your Inner Dog and Succeed

Bella The Boxer at Cape Lookout State Park

My name is Bella, and I’m a connoisseur of cheese, a chaser of squirrels, and an expert on happiness.

I’m also a dog, and one of the greatest things about being a dog is having a free pass to give people the kind of straightforward advice that they don’t often hear from each other. (I guess there’s just something about a dog’s soulful eyes and happy, wagging tail that gets humans to sit up and pay attention.)

I’d like to share with you some of the wisdom that comes naturally to dogs of all shapes, sizes and pedigrees—and which everyone (even cat people!) can use to unleash their potential and create success:

Keep your eyes on the ball.

Stop multitasking and practice the art of concentration.  When I play with my little red rubber ball, I give it my full attention, energy and talent. Nothing else gives me the same sense of satisfaction!

Make happiness happen.

Focus on the positive and look for the humor in every situation. Aside from dogs, who are the happiest creatures on Earth? Those who make it their business to be happy!

Sit, stay and listen.

Talk less and listen more. When I wag my tail more than my tongue, people know that I’m listening. And after a while, I get to know something.

Shake off setbacks.

Don’t let the world “no” dissuade you. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. Dogs aren’t perfect. We take risks and we make mistakes, but we shake off setbacks and take off running again.

Build your pack.

Surround yourself with colleagues, coaches, mentors and friends. Humans like to say that it’s ‘every man for himself.’ That’s silly. We all need a pack of supporters to succeed.

Show genuine appreciation.

Don’t just be grateful—show it! Kick up your paws and celebrate. Appreciation is gratitude in action. It’s something you feel from the tip of your tongue to the end of your tail—and it makes everyone feel good.

Get out and play!

Put down the gadgets and gizmos, step away from the computer, and learn how to play. Play is a dog’s way of connecting with real people, real dogs and real tennis balls. You know—the things in life that are most important.

How Will YOU Tap Into Your Inner Dog and Succeed?!