“…this charming guide to success offers valuable life lessons aimed at helping readers enjoy well-balanced lives.”
Publishers Weekly (read the full review here)

“…an excellent and highly recommended resource for anyone who wants to succeed in life and in the business world.”
Midwest Book Review

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“Reading this book is a pleasure, and a great way to get thinking about ways to enrich your life.”
Megan Mahan for Spot Magazine

“This husband and wife team have tapped on a fundamental lesson. Dogs are great teachers and can impart valuable wisdom in just about every part of our lives. By applying a dog’s tactic to our own lives, we can take a journey of self-discovery that will propel us, compel us, and ultimately result in more successful encounters in work and in our personal path. As the book cover says, Bella the Boxer will indeed help you connect with your inner dog and step up as the leader of the pack. Those with dogs will immediately understand how they can use the dog as a teacher. Those without may be encouraged to get one – let this be your handbook.”
Hal Abrams, Co-host of Animal Radio®

“Bella shares a unique perspective on life, work and the pursuit of success as only a dog could tell it. Secrets of a Working Dog contains practical, real-world wisdom to which every dog owner can relate and that every entrepreneur and business person should read.”
Cathy King DVM PhD, CEO of World Vets

“A dog-author who deeply understands the power of ‘pawsitive’ thinking, Bella (with a little help from her humans) has written a charming, fun, and thoughtful book that can help us all live better.”
Rick Foster, co-author of How We Choose to Be Happy and Happiness & Health

“I’ve been writing about workplace issues for nearly a decade and I haven’t run into many humans who are as smart about working habits as Bella.”
Marci Alboher, author of One Person/Multiple Careers

“Two paws up! Bella the Boxer has crafted a fun and creative look at what it takes to be successful in today’s business climate. Like any dog who wants off the leash, Bella holds nothing back—the stories, examples, and unique perspective make this book an easy but powerful read.”
Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, authors of Go for No!

“Bella is a savvy dogpreneur worthy of our attention. Her book conveys essential truths about success in life and business via a fun, enjoyable and woofy read.”
Mike Faith, president and CEO of

“Since dogs have been interacting with humans for thousands of years, it was just a matter of time before an entrepreneurial one decided to offer observations on how we humans work and live. I’m glad it was Bella since her effective storytelling and savvy ideas take people looking to better themselves on an interesting walk of self-discovery.”
Paul Witkay, founder and CEO of the Alliance of Chief Executives

“Bella has great ideas for building relationships and motivating people. I especially like her views on happiness—she’s sort of the Doggie Dalai Lama.”
Dyana King, CEO of Thinknicity Inc.

“Bella delivers the goods. Her wise and witty observations and personal glimpse into the lives of dogs gives us a window to peek through and a door to enter. Cheers, woofs, and wags to the irrepressible Bella and to the people with whom she shares her life. Through them, an utterly charming and thought-provoking book has been born.”
Corinne Dowling, founder of Give a Dog a Bone

“You don’t need a dog to appreciate the business message in this book. The lessons in each chapter are compelling and will help anyone interested in improving their ability to relate to other people. What a mixture of humor and wisdom: I couldn’t put the book down!”
Pat Murphy, president of Reid Industries

“I’m a cat lover but Bella is one smart dogpreneur. I wish I had Bella on the end of my leash when I started my business. This is a fresh, fun and enlightening business book. The stories illustrate sound business advice and emphasize how each person’s idea of success is different.”
Susan Urquhart-Brown, business coach and author of The Accidental Entrepreneur: 50 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Starting a Business

“Bella teaches people how to create successful, meaningful lives. She packs a lifetime of experience into a few short human years and we would be wise to pay attention.”
Anthony Sandberg, founder and president of OCSC SAILING

“Bella has a direct and unabashed perspective on everything from work to play. Those of us lucky enough to share our time with dogs will appreciate Bella’s simple and genuine suggestions for living an authentic life, from the time we wake up to the time we cuddle up. She’ll change your perspective, your attitude, and your confidence. Bravo, Bella!”
Bob Stonhaus, inventor of the STORViNO wine storage system