Meet Bella

Bella the Boxer

Bella is a connoisseur of cheese, a chaser of squirrels, and an expert on helping humans work smarter and be happier.

Bella is also a boxer, and typical of her breed she is a fun-loving spirit who is happiest when like-minded dogs and their people surround her. Bella believes that too many humans are overworked and overstressed in this fast-paced 24/7 world. After dishing out advice to her own humans for years, Bella now helps busy people everywhere learn how thinking like a dog is the quickest and easiest path to a successful, well-balanced life.

Fortunately, Bella isn’t the preachy sort (after all, she is a boxer and boxers have a great sense of fun which explains why they are able to get away with so much mischief!). Her mission is to help humans get to the heart of what’s important with humor, and to connect with their inner dog so they’ll be not only happier but also more productive thereby leaving them with extra time to spend with their loyal, four-legged friends.

As Bella says, “Life is short, especially in dog years, so go out and unleash your own success!”

Need a dynamic speaker for your group or company?

Is your team looking for fun, straightforward advice on how to be “top dog” in life and business? If your audience is 100% canine, Bella would love to speak to your group. If there will be humans in attendance, Bella gives the stamp of approval to her co-author Patrick Galvin.

Patrick is a professional speaker and the past president of the Oregon Chapter of the National Speakers Association. By integrating examples and anecdotes from Bella and her book into a dynamic presentation, Patrick gives audiences something to laugh about as they learn practical business skills.

For example, he can share with audience members how they can learn from dogs to:

  • Make happiness happen
  • Listen carefully and communicate clearly
  • Stay focused in a multitasking environment
  • Connect with coworkers, colleagues or customers
  • Shake off setbacks and pursue their dreams
  • Show appreciation that builds long-lasting relationships

Patrick consistently receives highly favorable reviews from meeting planners and professional groups. Organizations that pre-purchase copies of Bella’s book receive a significant volume discount and an adjustment in speaking fees. Each is copy is “pawtographed” by Bella and signed by the authors and makes a thoughtful “thank you” gift for attendees, staff, volunteers, donors, etc. A community bank gave copies of Bella’s book to its dog-loving customers and the response was overwhelming. People loved it!

“Patrick’s presentation was well received by club members who thought his use of Bella was terrific and gave a new perspective on networking and marketing. They also appreciated that Patrick was able to drive his points home without the use of a lengthy slide show. All in all the audience was impressed and felt that the message is important for each of us, working or not, in our day-to-day networking with others.” – Liz Papas, Past President, Tigard Breakfast Rotary Club

“I gave copies of Bella’s book as door prizes for a hospital volunteer in-service and the recipients were delighted. Our volunteers are so incredible and work hard at what they do and I’m sure they can benefit from Bella’s wisdom.” – Genie Aylor, Manager of Volunteer Services, Legacy Health

For additional details, please contact bella [at] secretsofaworkingdog [dot] com.